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Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: Guru of Tax Planning

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb, Guru of Tax Planning 2.0

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb, an Italian-Panamanian lawyer with over thirty years of experience in tax planning, challenges the system

In the complex world of finance and offshore investments, figures like lawyer Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb emerge. By profession, he is a lawyer and journalist, and by passion, a political scientist. Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb is known for his courage in challenging existing conventions and regulations. Specialized in tax planning, offshore company creation, bank account openings, and legal services related to cryptocurrencies, he is also a fervent activist against state interference in private affairs. 

Lawyer Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb has numerous appearances in international media and television, where his provocative statements are broadcast. In these appearances, Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb emerges as a beacon of clarity in the tumultuous ocean of taxation. His statements serve as an essential guide for those seeking to better understand tax havens, evasion, and capital protection. Today, Giovanni Caporaso’s brand stands as a symbol of innovative legal solutions and unparalleled client satisfaction.

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Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb adopts an informative and transparent approach, following the philosophy of “whether good or bad, the important thing is that they talk” from the famous Dorian Gray. His motto seems to be “Inform to emancipate.” With this goal, he unmasks the often-dark realities of tax havens. His law firm, Caporaso & Partners, based in Panama, along with associated offices in South America and the Caribbean, offers a wide range of offshore services. These include the incorporation of corporations and foundations, as well as the creation of gaming and financial activities. The services offered cover a 360-degree spectrum.

Illuminating Interview with Lawyer Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb

We had the opportunity to ask Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb some questions. With candor and expertise, he provided us with an analysis of the dynamics driving many people to hide their assets through offshore companies. He explained the benefits and consequences of these decisions, and why tax havens continue to exist despite international pressures. 

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb also gave us insight into Panama’s economic boom and the opportunities this country offers to those seeking a favorable tax environment and new investment opportunities. His answers clarify many common doubts and provide a critical perspective on navigating the complex world of foreign finance and investments. For those interested in exploring the opportunities Panama offers as a business hub, Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb’s words are a valuable guide.

Dr. Caporaso Gottlieb, what have been the most significant moments of your career in the field of tax planning and offshore services?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: One of the first significant moments was my move from Europe to Panama in 1991 because I was tired of running from taxes. Then came the opening of my legal advisory firm in Panama in 1992. This marked the beginning of a professional journey that has allowed me to assist international clients in creating offshore companies and advising them on efficiently and legally managing their assets. A different key moment was facing Attilio Befera, director of the Italian Revenue Agency, in 2012. This occurred during an episode of the TV show ‘Porta a Porta’ on Rai 1. 

The debate highlighted my activities and reinforced my position as an expert in the field. I have also participated in other discussed programs, including a televised confrontation with a general of the Italian Finance Guard. Additionally, I recall a conference I held in Lugano, Switzerland, defined by the Italian media as “The Conference of the Evaders.” It quickly filled with registrations.

Another notable success was the article in El Confidencial, Spain, titled ‘Better call Giovanni’: the ‘low cost’ lawyer of tax havens. Finally, my battle against the Governor of the Central Bank of Belize during the Choice Bank intervention, in favor of a group of account holders, received significant media exposure. The publication of my book ‘How to Pay Zero Taxes’ has also been a significant milestone. The book provided a practical guide for those wishing to better understand legal strategies to reduce their tax burden, and it has increased my notoriety as a tax advisor. 

Recently, expanding my legal services to include cryptocurrencies has been another crucial moment. The growing importance of cryptocurrencies in the global financial landscape has led me to specialize in this area, providing advice on legal and tax issues related to digital currencies. Meanwhile, one of the most gratifying moments has been seeing my clients prosper thanks to the customized solutions we have developed together. The success of my clients is the true measure of the value of my work and the reason I remain committed to this field.

How did you start specializing in offshore company creation and foreign bank account openings?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: Because I was tired of being burdened in Europe. I had to create tax planning strategies for myself, which I then applied to others and improved over time. Tax evasion is illegal, tax avoidance is not.

What drove you to become an activist against state interference in citizens’ private affairs?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: From a young age, I have always believed in the importance of individual freedom and the right of every person to manage their affairs without excessive state interference. What drove me to become an activist against state interference was the growing invasion of governments into the private lives of citizens. I have seen how oppressive regulations and exorbitant taxes destroy creativity and entrepreneurial initiative. Moreover, the hypocrisy of governments is evident: while preaching transparency and legality, they often tolerate corruption and abuse of power within their ranks.

My professional experience has shown me how laws are often used not to protect citizens but to maintain control and favor the interests of a few privileged ones. My fight is for justice and fairness, against abuses of power. I firmly believe that people have the right to protect their wealth and privacy. I promote the relocation from tax hells to encourage new opportunities for work and life. 

My activity is not against the state but against an unjust system that penalizes those who seek to prosper honestly. Becoming an activist against state interference was thus a natural step. I want to defend the right to privacy and economic freedom and expose the injustices of a system that often hides behind the facade of legality to perpetuate control and inequality.

What does “tax hell” mean to you?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: For me, a tax hell means living and operating in a context where taxes are oppressive, and regulations are excessive. It’s an environment where the state continuously drains resources from citizens and businesses, stifling entrepreneurial initiative and economic growth. In a tax hell, tax rates are exorbitant, regulations are complex and bureaucratic, and penalties for mistakes or delays are severe and disproportionate. Citizens are constantly under the scrutiny of authorities, who often act with aggressive and invasive methods.

This creates a climate of uncertainty and fear, where people are forced to spend a disproportionate amount of time and money to comply with regulations. Entrepreneurs are penalized, as they must navigate suffocating bureaucracy that slows innovation and discourages investments. A tax hell not only damages the economy but also undermines citizens’ trust in the state. 

When people perceive the tax system as unfair and predatory, they are more likely to seek legal ways to protect their wealth, such as offshore structures. In summary, a tax hell is an environment where high taxes and excessive bureaucracy hinder economic freedom, reduce quality of life, and limit opportunities for prosperity. Tax hells are countered by tax havens.

Do you consider the existence of tax havens outdated today?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: No, absolutely not. A tax haven is simply a country that offers certain economic benefits to develop its economy. Tax hells are often tax havens for large companies or politicians. Additionally, the persistence of tax havens despite international pressures can be explained by several key factors. Firstly, there is a constant demand for jurisdictions offering tax advantages and financial privacy protection. Individuals and businesses seek tax havens to reduce their tax burden, protect their assets, and escape oppressive regulations in their home countries. 

If there is this demand, there will be countries willing to offer these favorable conditions. Moreover, tax havens often benefit economically from these activities. The revenues generated from company registrations, annual taxes, and financial services represent a significant part of these jurisdictions’ economies. For many of these countries, attracting foreign capital is a crucial economic development strategy.

International pressures, though strong, are often fragmented and incoherent. Efforts to regulate and close tax havens require effective global cooperation, which is difficult to achieve due to divergent interests among nations. Some countries, even those exerting pressure against tax havens, indirectly benefit from their existence through capital that returns as investments. 

Finally, international laws and regulations have limits. Although there are agreements for information exchange and anti-evasion norms, tax havens continuously find ways to adapt and remain operational. Their ability to evolve and innovate makes it difficult for international authorities to eliminate these fiscal refuges.

How do you respond to criticisms that define you as the devil’s advocate?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: Criticisms that define me as the “devil’s advocate” reflect a superficial view of my work. My primary goal is to defend individual freedom and protect my clients’ rights. In a world where tax laws are often oppressive and invasive, someone must protect those who simply seek to safeguard their wealth and ensure their future. 

Being called the “devil’s advocate” often results from a misunderstanding of my role. I do not defend illegality but fight against a system that often unjustly penalizes those who wish to prosper. My activities are always within the respect of the law, even if they challenge the status quo. Furthermore, I firmly believe in transparency and information. 

My work aims to expose the hypocrisies of a system that preaches justice and transparency but often tolerates corruption and inequality. The mission I have set for myself is to help people navigate a complex context and find legal solutions to protect their interests. Criticisms stem from the perception that anyone who challenges the system is automatically on the wrong side. However, I am convinced that the real “devil” is a system that oppresses and excessively controls. My work is a response to this, offering my clients the opportunity to exercise their rights and protect their interests legally and transparently.

Who is the typical client of your firm, and what are their main requests?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: Young people who want to create a startup, retirees, and small business owners. They are looking for an option to lead a better life.

Why can Caporaso & Partners be considered a success story?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: I consider Caporaso & Partners a success story for several reasons. My firm has extensive experience in international and corporate law. Over the years, we have accumulated vast knowledge and expertise, allowing us to offer effective and personalized legal solutions.

We provide a wide range of legal services, from corporate law to immigration law and asset protection. This diversity allows our clients to meet their legal needs to develop their businesses in one place. Additionally, we have a global network of collaborators, enabling us to operate internationally. This is crucial in a globalized world where businesses and individuals need assistance in multiple jurisdictions.

Our ability to adapt to changes in the legal and business environment sets us apart. We use advanced technology to improve efficiency and communication with our clients, demonstrating our commitment to innovation.

Client satisfaction is a top priority for us. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and offer tailored solutions. Our approach is centered on the specific needs of each client. We have also successfully handled many complex cases, achieving favorable results for our clients.

Our solid reputation in the legal industry is another testament to our success. We have received several recognitions that validate our position as a leading law firm. We maintain high ethical standards, while also interpreting the law in favor of our clients, which has earned us the trust and respect of our clients and peers.

Moreover, the Caporaso & Partners team stays up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and changes in the law. This continuous learning allows us to offer precise legal advice. These combined factors enable us to provide high-quality legal services and maintain a prominent position in the market.

I see you promote Panama a lot on your website, why?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: I chose Panama for myself, and I was right. Today, Panama has changed but still offers many advantages, far more than other offshore jurisdictions. Panama can be used as a business hub thanks to its strategic location, connecting North and South America, as well as the Atlantic and Pacific through the Panama Canal. 

The country’s political stability is another great advantage. Panama has a stable government and a growing economy, with low inflation and a currency linked to the US dollar. This creates a safe and predictable environment for investments and business activities. Panama’s financial system is robust and well-developed. Panamanian banks offer a wide range of financial services and are internationally reputed for their efficiency and discretion. Additionally, Panama does not tax income generated abroad, which is a great advantage for international investors and companies.

The cost of living is relatively low, while the quality of life is high, with excellent health facilities, a pleasant climate, and a welcoming international community. For retirees, Panama is considered the number one option in the world. The country offers a very advantageous visa program for retirees, with discounts on a wide range of goods and services, from healthcare to public transportation. Panama offers a unique combination of advantages that make it an excellent choice for both business and personal life. Additionally, in Panama, I can offer services that are not available or prohibitively expensive in other jurisdictions.

Is it more beneficial to seek advice from an attorney or a salesman? 

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: Jajaja, good question! Anybody can answer it themselves. I advocate for initial consultations to prevent client errors, ensuring you receive unbiased advice that could save you money, even if it means losing a sale today. My focus is on building long-term client-attorney relationships, aiming to be your trusted advisor, rather than merely a provider of offshore products. Feel free to email me with any questions at no cost. Additionally, I encourage everyone to carefully review the frequently asked questions on my website.

My expertise includes setting up offshore companies, opening accounts in banks and financial institutions, and facilitating relocation with residence in Panama. Additionally, I provide international legal assistance on bank disputes, blocked accounts, copyright issues, conflicts with clients or suppliers, contracts, and more.

As a European attorney in Panama, I bring a wealth of experience gained in Europe and extensive knowledge developed in Panama and Latin America. Additionally, my long career has allowed me to build a network of legal and business contacts, which can be invaluable in solving your issues or helping you start a new business venture.

You have done many activities so far, what will you do when you grow up?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: When I was young and working as a journalist, I wondered: what can I do if I only know how to write? Then, I realized that speaking five languages and understanding what I read gives me the opportunity to do what I want. Except for manual tasks because I am inept at them. As an entrepreneur, I have developed activities in tourism, maritime and river transport, restaurant business, real estate, construction, and obviously in the web field, cryptocurrencies, payments, etc. I have already grown up, so I plan to continue my work as a lawyer and journalist, perhaps dedicating myself to education.

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb is dedicated to helping new entrepreneurs achieve their goals

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb is an outstanding tax planner whose expertise has been pivotal in helping numerous entrepreneurs launch successful startups based in Panama that operate worldwide. Through his dedicated work, Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb has enabled many to enjoy the vibrant lifestyle and economic opportunities Panama offers, ensuring their ventures thrive on a global scale.

Many of Giovanni Caporaso Gottliebs’s clients can recount successful stories of how they achieved their goals while avoiding high taxes. Thanks to Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb’s expert guidance, these entrepreneurs have navigated the complexities of international operations, ensuring their startups flourish globally while benefiting from Panama’s favorable tax environment.

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb offers his most demanding clients a telematic network of corresponding lawyers, accountants, and business consultants, ready to provide essential legal and tax assistance for fiscal planning or resolving disputes. He highlights the advantages of obtaining permanent residency in Panama, which can be quickly secured for citizens of 50 friendly countries. Additionally, Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb advises on protecting wealth through a Panamanian Foundation, allowing convenient modifications to the legitimate portion of an inheritance.

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