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Ennio Milantoni Panama Facile

Ennio Milantoni easy, a Retiree on the Rise

Ennio Milantoni, a retiree with a friendly face and an engaging smile, has started a successful consultancy service on relocating to Panama

Owner of the website Panama Facile (Easy Panama), Ennio Milantoni, a 67-year-old Italian retiree, has transformed his life in an extraordinary way. After spending the first forty years in Genoa, Italy, where he studied accounting despite his desire to become a chef, Ennio began his career in the cosmetics sector as a sales representative.

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Ennio Milantoni story doesn’t end here. He recently launched a new project called “Margarita Facile,” aimed at those wanting to move to Margarita Island, Venezuela. Fascinated by the warm climate and lack of pollution, Ennio Milantoni saw this duty-free island as a unique opportunity to continue living happily and help others do the same. Ennio Milantoni is a living example of how one can reinvent their life and find happiness by following their passions. His story inspires anyone wishing to change their life and find new opportunities in distant places. C500s met Ennio Milantoni, who, in this interview, explains his business and life philosophy.

Who is Ennio Milantoni and what is your story?

Ennio Milantoni: My story is simple, that of an ordinary man in a traditional family. However, it is also a journey of transformation and discovery. I spent the first forty years of my life in Genoa (Italy), where I studied accounting, although my dream was to become a chef. Due to family pressures, I followed a different path, but eventually, I found my way. I started working as a sales representative in the cosmetics sector after initial experiences as a seller of cod and stockfish. My true passion, however, was traveling and discovering new cultures. I embraced travel as a lifestyle, exploring various places and meeting people of all kinds.

When I retired, I realized that my pension was not enough to satisfy all my needs and pleasures. So, I decided to take advantage of new technologies and started a blog with an online consulting service called “Panama Facile (Easy Panama),” helping people relocate to Panama and enjoy the opportunities offered by this beautiful country. After the success of “Panama Facile,” I launched a new project called “Margarita Facile,” aimed at those wishing to move to Margarita Island. Today, my life is a continuous adventure, living in the Caribbean, helping others, and fully enjoying my retirement in a serene and happy environment.

How did you start your consultancy service “Panama Facile”?

Ennio Milantoni: I started my consultancy service “Panama Facile” after moving to Panama and discovering the numerous opportunities this country offers. There are no taxes on foreign income, and there are discounts for retirees on transportation, medicines, hospitals, cinemas, and theaters. It is an ideal country, especially for those who wish to live in a tropical climate with a lower cost of living compared to Europe. 

After living in Panama for a while, I realized that many people interested in moving needed guidance and support. The idea came from my personal experience. I realized that, thanks to technology, I could offer online consultations and help others move to Panama by providing practical information and useful advice. I started by learning everything there was to know about bureaucracy, immigration laws, business opportunities, and daily life in Panama.

After accumulating enough knowledge and experience, I created the “Panama Facile” website and began offering personalized consultancy services. My goal is to make the relocation process as simple as possible. Additionally, I provide support at every stage: from choosing the area to live in, to opening a business if desired, to managing bureaucratic procedures. I built a trusted team, and together, we have helped hundreds of people move. 

My direct experience and passion for helping others have allowed me to build a reliable and successful reputation. With my good-natured attitude and a smiling face, I have helped many people interested in living in Panama. Today, “Panama Facile” is a reference point for anyone wishing to move to this wonderful country.

What are the advantages of moving to Panama according to you?

Ennio Milantoni: Moving to Panama offers numerous advantages ranging from the pleasant climate to the quality of life and economic opportunities. Panama enjoys a warm tropical climate year-round, with temperatures rarely dropping below 20°C. There are no hurricanes, and earthquakes are very mild. This climate is ideal for those who love the sun and wish to live in a pleasant and relaxing environment. 

Additionally, the country offers a variety of breathtaking landscapes, from Caribbean beaches to rainforests, providing many opportunities for outdoor activities. One of the major advantages for retirees is the residency program known as “Pensionado.” This program is one of the most favorable in the world for retirees, offering a series of significant benefits. To qualify, you need to demonstrate a minimum monthly pension income, which is currently USD 1,000.

The benefits of the Pensionado program include substantial discounts on a wide range of services and goods. For example, retirees can enjoy discounts on public transportation, airline tickets, utility bills, restaurants, hotels, entertainment, and medical visits. The quality of life in Panama is high due to modern and high-quality healthcare services, especially in major cities like Panama City. There are many hospitals and clinics with well-trained medical staff, often educated abroad. Panama is a safe destination for foreign residents. 

The government actively promotes a welcoming and secure environment, with a growing expat community that makes it easy to make new friends and adapt to life in the country. Furthermore, Panama is a significant financial and commercial center, meaning there are many opportunities to start a business or invest. The country’s strategic geographical position makes it a natural hub for international trade, offering additional advantages for those who wish to settle here.

What makes “Panama Facile” a successful service?

Ennio Milantoni: If you are considering moving abroad, there are some key pieces of advice I can offer based on my personal and professional experience. First, it is essential to conduct thorough research on your chosen destination. Learn about all aspects of daily life, from weather conditions to local culture, immigration laws, and economic opportunities. 

It’s important to know exactly what to expect to avoid surprises once you arrive. Another crucial tip is to visit the country before making your final decision. Spend some time there, explore different areas, and talk to expats already living there, especially professionals. Do not rely too much on opinions on social media because there are also many who view things negatively due to their own failures. Make sure your finances are in order. 

Calculate the cost of living in the new country and ensure you have enough savings to cover initial expenses, including the move, housing, and any unforeseen costs. It’s also a good idea to maintain a bank account in your home country and another in the new country to facilitate financial transactions. Additionally, try to learn the local language. Even though many countries have expat communities where English or other common languages are spoken. Knowing the local language will help you integrate better into the local community, make new friends, and handle everyday matters more easily. Do not neglect the bureaucratic part. 

Every country has its procedures for immigration and issuing visas and residence permits. Ensure you have all the necessary documents and follow the correct procedures to avoid legal complications. And then, Ennio Milantoni Moving abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, provided you are well-prepared.

Ennio Milantoni

How do you use technology to manage your consulting services?

Ennio Milantoni: I use technology in various ways to manage my consulting services. First of all, I use online platforms like my website “Panama Facile” to provide detailed information and updates. Additionally, I use video conferencing tools like Zoom and Skype to conduct personalized consultations with clients, allowing us to discuss in real-time and resolve any doubts. 

And, what about social media?

Ennio Milantoni: Social media and newsletters are crucial for keeping clients informed about news and opportunities. Lastly, I take advantage of customer relationship management (CRM) software to organize and track interactions with clients, ensuring that each person receives personalized and attentive service.

What are the main differences between living in Italy and the Caribbean?

Ennio Milantoni: The main differences between living in Italy and the Caribbean concern the climate, the cost of living, and the lifestyle. Panama offers a warm tropical climate year-round, ideal for those who love the sun and high temperatures. The cost of living in Panama is generally lower, allowing for comfortable living with fewer expenses compared to Italy. 

Additionally, the lifestyle in Panama is more relaxed and less hectic, with less oppressive bureaucracy and greater ease in starting a business. Finally, the quality of life is high due to good healthcare services and numerous opportunities for outdoor activities and socializing. In Italy, people are sad; in the Caribbean, they are smiling!

What is “Margarita Facile” and how did this project come about?

Ennio Milantoni: “Margarita Facile” (Easy Margarita) is a consultancy project I started to help people interested in moving to Margarita Island, Venezuela. The idea came from my positive experience with “Panama Facile” and the desire to offer an alternative for those looking for a tropical place to live with even lower living costs and a less polluted and congested environment. 

After spending time on Margarita Island, I noticed it possesses many of the qualities that attract retirees and expats: a warm and sunny climate, beautiful beaches, a welcoming community, and very low living costs. Additionally, the island offers advantages like the free port status, allowing for tax-free purchases, and a growing technological infrastructure, including fiber optics, which facilitates online work.

Life on Margarita is characterized by a slow and relaxed pace. Days are often spent outdoors, enjoying the sun and beaches. The local community is welcoming and friendly, making it easy to make new friends and integrate. The cost of living is much lower compared to many other destinations, allowing for comfortable living on a reduced budget. At a seaside kiosk, a dozen oysters, a kilo of cooked lobsters, sides, and two beers cost only USD 15. 

Healthcare services are available, and while they may not meet Western standards in all areas, there are adequate facilities for most needs. The island also offers many opportunities for recreational activities, such as water sports, hiking, and discovering the local cuisine. The beaches are a popular meeting point, and local restaurants offer a variety of fresh and tasty dishes at affordable prices.

How is safety in Margarita Island?

Ennio Milantoni: Safety is generally good, especially if you avoid the more problematic areas and stick to tourist and residential zones. 

What will you do when you grow up?

Ennio Milantoni: I don’t feel my age. In the near future, I will continue to explore new opportunities and help others realize their dreams of moving abroad. I might start new consultancy projects in other tropical destinations. I want to fully live my life, enjoying every day and inspiring others to do the same.

Ennio Milantoni is a part-time relocation consultant 

The Italian Ennio Milantoni is a highly regarded relocation consultant, known for his exceptional expertise in helping individuals and families transition smoothly to new homes. Enjoying a fulfilling life in the Caribbean, Ennio Milantoni leverages his deep understanding of the region to provide invaluable advice and personalized services, ensuring his clients find their perfect slice of paradise

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