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Uber Eats Driver Requirements: Car, Scooter, and Bicycle

uber eats driver requirements

The Uber Eats driver requirements are more flexible than those for regular Uber drivers. The requirements are the same if you plan to deliver Uber Eats by car. However, you can also deliver Uber Eats by scooter or bicycle. Therefore, you have more options available to you. Those options vary by location, so even though we’ve provided extensive information on the topic below, it’s important to note that your experience might differ depending on where you live.

Uber Eats Driver Requirements – By Car

Back of a car with Lyft and Uber stickers on it.

If you are already an Uber driver, it’s easy to become an Uber Eats driver. You go into your app, select “account,” and then select “vehicle options.” From there, you will accept the terms of the agreement that will allow you to receive Uber Eats delivery requests. You can keep this option on every time that you drive. On the other hand, you can easily toggle it off if you don’t want to deliver food for a little while.

If you aren’t yet an Uber driver, then you need to sign up to deliver Uber Eats. Like with regular Uber drivers, you’ll go through a screening process. You’ll have to upload your photo and required documents. Then, once approved, you’ll be able to begin accepting deliveries.

It’s pretty easy to meet the Uber Eats driver requirements for car delivery. They’re mostly common-sense rules for driving a car. You have to meet the minimum age to drive in your city. In most cities, the age is 19. Plus, you have to have a valid driver’s license, insurance, and registration. Those things are pretty obvious. Additionally, you need to have at least one year of driving experience under your belt.

Finally, you have to have a car (2-door or 4-door) that is no older than 1998. Note that regular Uber drivers have to have a vehicle that’s 2006 or newer, so the requirements for Uber Eats drivers are more relaxed. If you think about it, that is sensible. Nobody enters your car when you are just doing food delivery for Uber. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be sparkling new. Of course, it still has to be reliable so that you can deliver food quickly.

Regular Uber Driver Requirements

Man in the driver's seat wearing a suit, looking back at the passenger.

If you want to sign up to be a regular Uber driver and deliver Uber Eats, then the process is slightly more stringent. You have to have a 4-door car, not a 2-door car. If you are under age 23, you need three years of driving experience instead of just one year. Furthermore, Uber will closely examine your vehicle and driving record before approving you.

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Uber Eats Driver Requirements – By Scooter

Person on a scooter with an Uber Eats green box on his back as he drives through the city.

Uber Eats’ scooter driver requirements are pretty simple. You can use any 2-wheel scooter as long it meets the following two restrictions:

  • 50 cc or less motor
  • Doesn’t travel faster than 30 mph

In other words, you have to deliver by scooter, not motorcycle. If you have or can borrow a scooter that meets those requirements, then you can be an Uber Eats scooter delivery person. Of course, to drive a scooter, you still need to have a driver’s license. Plus, you must have a year of driving experience to meet the minimum Uber Eats driver requirements. In most cities, you’ll need to be 19 to drive a scooter for Uber Eats. However, this varies by location.

Uber Eats Driver Requirements – By Bicycle

Person wearing a jean jacket riding a bike with a green "Uber Eats" bag on their back.

If you’re at least 18, you can sign up to be a bicycle delivery person with Uber Eats. You must have a government ID, but it does not have to be a driver’s license. When you sign up for the service, there’s a section that asked about your transportation. You’ll choose “bicycle” in this section. It’s pretty straightforward.

There aren’t any requirements or limitations regarding the type of bicycle you can use for Uber Eats delivery. You’ll want something fast to get to your delivery spots quickly. After all, the more you deliver, the more money you make. Plus, you’re more likely to get good tips on fast deliveries. Additionally, you’ll be carrying food with you, so some on-bike storage is a good idea.

You Need a Phone for Uber Eats Delivery

Person sitting on a couch holding their cell phone looking at the Uber Eats app

This probably goes without saying, but you need to have a smartphone to become an Uber Eats delivery driver. After all, the phone is your tool to receive order information. Your phone must have airtime because you might occasionally need to call a customer about a delivery. It must also have up-to-date app and GPS capability. Here are additional Uber Eats driver requirements for the phone:

  • Minimum of 2 GB RAM
  • Minimum of 2 GHX processing speed
  • 4.7″ or larger screen size

If you have an Android device, then it must be 6.0 or newer. If you have an iPhone, then it must be iPhone 6 or newer. You can check the Uber website for a list of currently banned devices that don’t meet these minimum requirements. You are probably in the clear if you have a relatively new smartphone. Do note that the newer your device, the more likely it will be that you’ll get the best results. The apps are kept up to date, so if you have an older iOS, it might run less smoothly.

Check Uber Eats Driver Requirements In Your City

The back of a biker with a green Uber Eats bag on his back biking in the city.

The requirements listed above apply to drivers in most US cities. However, each city has different rules regarding Uber and other rideshare and food delivery services. Furthermore, laws are constantly changing. Therefore, it’s essential to check the current laws in your city that apply to Uber Eats delivery.

Furthermore, some food delivery options aren’t available in every area. For example, delivery by bike is limited primarily to dense urban areas. If you live in a more sprawled-out area, you may be unable to deliver by bike. This makes sense because people want their food delivered quickly, and a bike can only go so fast. When you sign up for Uber Eats, you’ll have a section where you can choose your transportation mode. If “bicycle” isn’t listed there, you’ll know it’s not currently a delivery option in your area.

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