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Pat Flynn Says You Should Stop Selling Courses

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income has been a highly successful online entrepreneur for a long-time, and has sold many courses sharing his knowledge on different topics 💪

A recent video he put out…

  • Stop selling info and do this instead…

His point 👇

Selling information doesn’t work anymore if you’re somebody who is trying to build an audience and take this expertise of yours to teach your audience how to do something.

If you actually come from a place of service and you’re thinking that you can package this information, sell it, and make a living generating revenue, unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.

🤔 His reasoning…

People aren’t buying online courses like they used to.

In 2020, we were at the height because everybody was at home because of the pandemic, but then, over time, in the next couple of years, people got overloaded and just tired.

You probably aren’t buying online courses.

We’ve seen it on our end as well.

People just were not buying online courses as much as they used to.

It used to be so easy. We’ve passed that golden era of just selling information now.

Pat’s solution…

Stop selling information and start selling implementation…

If your tire is flat on the road, you don’t want the information about how to change that tire; you want somebody to come and do that for you and get you on your way as soon as possible. And that’s what we should be offering.

That’s what we should be selling: either access to us, to people, or to each other in order to achieve a goal, not just the information.

Emphasizing that last part, Pat talks about 3 ways you can sell implementation…

  1. Do it for them (Service Business)
  2. Do it with them (Coaching / Consultation)
  3. Do it with others (Community / Cohort Courses)

While Pat may have a point, there are people in comments who say otherwise 😕

For example

This is so tiring. One video someone says this, other videos are saying SELL INFORMATION and other videos people are making a ton of money from their courses.

It’s all about this. Build your audience and be genuine. Take whatever path YOU WANT. You can be successful at any path you choose if you put in the work. People will always buy from people they like.

So yeah, it’s not black and white.

(It rarely is in the real world!)

But worth considering Pat’s point of view before you go launching your next information product 🚀

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