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How to Promote Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become an efficient channel for promoting different goods and services. Considering the number of professionals and decision-makers among its users, many believe it is ideal for B2B marketing. Nevertheless, it has its peculiarities that marketers should not forget about.

Read on to know why using LinkedIn for businesses, what areas to pay attention to and how to create a LinkedIn corporate account.

Do Only B2B Actors Use LinkedIn For Business? 

It is not a secret that B2B marketers get the most profit out of using LinkedIn for companies. More than 90% of B2B marketers utilize LinkedIn for business social media promotion. One can explain it by the idea that one-third of decision-makers do research via this platform before making a business purchase.

However, LinkedIn has room for every niche and brand, even if its main operation does not relate to B2B, education, or professional growth. Having a LinkedIn business account can help to add to the employee brand, drive engagement, or define and better understand the target audience of any company. For example, if you have business pages on LinkedIn, you will be able to develop a community and communicate with prospects or employees.

It should not necessarily be the content around professional growth or career advice. People have enough of it on LinkedIn.

They still can learn from you if the pieces are not about their operation. Your content can be educational, witty, and entertaining. Other things depend on the audience and format you choose.

When applying LinkedIn for businesses, you should take the best social media and content marketing approaches and accommodate them to the platform’s practice. To promote the organization on particular social media, you need to focus on the concepts related to helpful content, the expertise that you project, the buyer persona, engagement, and targeting.

Share insightful content

What do LinkedIn users value? Insights, recommendations, and solutions. Thus, you need to develop your business LinkedIn strategy, having the types of content mentioned above in mind. It does not matter which format you pick; you need to focus on quality. For instance, infographics or educational videos would perfectly fit the interests of the audience.

Besides, you need to show that you are a specialist in such a place as LinkedIn. Therefore, first back your LinkedIn corporate account with the proof that you are an expert. They may refer to your cases, success stories, experience, and skills mentioned in the profile.

After it, share insights you have in a systematic and structured way. When you have enough followers, you may try to organize events.

Collect data

At the same time, the LinkedIn network allows you to collect data for further prospecting potential buyers. Via LinkedIn, you are likely to invite the prospects to the customer journey. With the necessary data, you can bring them straight to the conversion stage. What information can help? Data on the interests, pain points, work, and contacts.

When you have the users in your connections, you are to access their profiles. For example, you can scrape info and add it to your database. Some email software allows you to find all email accounts by name or use the Chrome extension to extract corporate information straight from the LinkedIn search or network page. Such tools can make your life easier.

Participate in discussion

Besides, to be visible and prove your expertise, you should participate in the discussion. If you have a prospect or group of prospects to target, start a conversation with them. First, you engage with them and then build relationships.

LinkedIn has many groups where you can leave questions, share posts, and comment on the publications of other users. If your comment provides or hints to a solution, you will get recognition and probably a follower. It also works by the social proof principle.

On the other hand, you can search a topic by a hashtag or target a specific opinion leader to comment on the post. Importantly, your comments can lay the ground for sending invitations or possible collaboration.

Promote posts and use targeted ads

Also, another essential feature of LinkedIn refers to targeting. If you have a LinkedIn corporate account, you can promote your content which gives you better opportunities in terms of reach.

That way, you can support your marketing plan with messages targeting specific people. The Sales Navigator option, a tool by LinkedIn, will help you define the best criteria for determining the right audience. Also you can find a few LinkedIn bots on Washington’s Blog to get a decent growth

How to Create LinkedIn Business Page

As the business LinkedIn page gives you some advantages, it may be a good idea to design one. To create a LinkedIn business page, you should focus on how it looks, the expertise you project, the company details, and the content. Let’s consider these vital steps:

Start a LinkedIn corporate account

The first step is concerned with the creation of LinkedIn business accounts. You have to log into LinkedIn; next, select the “Work” button in the top right corner. Then, to create a LinkedIn business page, proceed with the last option in the appeared tab. After you choose this option, you will need to determine the organization you represent.

Fill in the required information

When you pick a type for your LinkedIn business page, it is time to insert all the essential information regarding your organization. LinkedIn will ask you about the size of the company, your industry and will require you to upload the logo. The particular step is to provide the basic info for LinkedIn and your prospects.

Add details to company pages on LinkedIn

After you complete inserting the basic information, you should switch to the summary, company address, and the different photos. Try to provide as many details as you can. It will add to credibility. Besides, follow a specific style and tone of voice within the publications. Once you have it all set up and checked, you can develop a content plan and post quality materials.

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