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How To Make Money In One Hour

Being able to make money in one hour can help pay the bills without sacrificing your precious free time. There are several ways to generate income as your schedule permits without the stress that can accompany a traditional part-time job.

You can implement several online and local ideas that can involve decluttering and using your freelance skills.

How Can I Make Money in 1 Hour?

A multitude of gig economy jobs make it easy to find on-demand work that fits your interests and schedule.

1. Sell Clothing

Selling clothes online doesn’t require any special skills and is a convenient way to get money for lightly-used clothing. Some sites will mail a shipping kit that you fill with your best items and receive payment within a few days.

A quicker option is to visit a local consignment store, which may provide an instant assessment. For example, my family found a local store offering same-day payments before moving. However, it’s not uncommon for a store to tag your items, and you receive them after an item sells. We periodically participate in these sales to sell our outgrown children’s outfits.

Selling jewelry can be another way to get quick cash as well.

2. Get a Delivery Job

Delivery app jobs are a popular income stream in small and large towns. You can deliver by car, bike, or scooter and join several apps to compare delivery requests. It’s possible to earn more when delivering during peak hours or by accepting multiple orders simultaneously.

Two apps to consider first include:

  • DoorDash: Deliver restaurant meals and convenience store items. You can earn more during Peak Pay hours and by completing limited-time challenges.
  • Instacart: Shop the grocery aisles and deliver orders to customers. In select cities, you can also work a shift as an in-store shopper.

Each delivery app shares many similarities but several key differences exist. Consider reading our DoorDash vs. Instacart comparison to choose the best platform for your goals.

3. Be a Rideshare Driver

The best driving apps in your area can involve ridesharing. You transport passengers to appointments, events, the airport, and other locations. Each platform lets you choose from open ride requests and preview the pay potential. Typically, you will get paid weekly but you can request daily payments at an extra cost.

There are several rideshare apps to consider driving for, although the minimum driver and vehicle requirements vary. HopSkipDrive can be an exciting opportunity as you help students get to school and can arrange your rides at least eight hours in advance.

4. Sell Unwanted Items

Decluttering your home can also help you sell stuff that you no longer use but has resale value. I periodically use the best apps to sell stuff to look for online and local buyers. Sometimes, I receive multiple inquiries on the same day for in-demand items, such as a Google Home Mini.

It’s possible to use instant buyback vendors for books, phones, and electronics to receive quick payments. If you’re willing to wait a little longer, listing an offer and waiting for a buyer can help you earn more.

Consider selling these items:

  • Books
  • Collectibles
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Shoes
  • Toys

Caution: When selling stuff online, you need to be cautious. Make sure that the buyer has a good rating, preferably a profile picture, and communicates clearly before meeting them.

5. Complete Handyman Services

Putting your home improvement and handyman skills to good use is possible as you lend a helping hand. Your income-earning possibilities include:

  • Furniture assembly
  • Home repairs
  • Moving
  • Snow removal
  • TV mounting
  • Yard work

For instance, I have used my free time to mow lawns, mount flat-screen TVs, and help with home improvement projects. In addition to asking friends and family for referrals, TaskRabbit helps connect you with customers needing help.

6. Walk Dogs

Dog walking and pet sitting are fun opportunities for animal lovers to earn recurring income as owners work or travel. Walking and drop-in visits are the best ways to make money in an hour, although overnight boarding and doggy daycare can earn more when you can take on a longer time commitment.

Rover is a popular platform that connects owners with sitters. You can choose which breeds you’re comfortable caring for and your schedule availability.

7. Babysit

Babysitting is a classic way to pad your wallet when you need money now. Parents may enjoy your help with after-school care, school holidays, and date nights. Depending on the arrangement, you might go to the child’s house, or they can come to yours. helps you connect with local households for sitting, nanny, and caregiver requests. Word-of-mouth recommendations can also help fill your schedule.

8. Freelance Online

Freelancing online is one of my favorite ways to earn a few extra bucks. Micro tasks such as data entry, tagging videos, and researching online can be completed in less than an hour and don’t require special skills. Many platforms let you tackle multiple side gigs daily.

I also use Upwork to look for assignments that can require prior experience and pay more. Writing, video creation, programming, and image design are some of the available options.

Tip: I like Upwork much better than a site like Fiverr for finding work. With Upwork, you can find higher-paying jobs and get hired more by companies with a bigger budget.

9. Transcribe Audio and Video

Audio and video transcription is an excellent side hustle when you excel at converting recordings into transcripts, subtitles, and captions. Your pay potential depends on the audio minute instead of how long it actually takes you to transcribe a recording.

Video transcription pays more than audio recordings. Additionally, possessing relevant legal or medical experience can help you qualify for specialized, higher-paying requests.

Here are two platforms to consider increasing your transcription income:

  • Transcribe Anywhere: Take self-paced courses to improve your proficiency in general and legal transcription. Once you complete the training modules, the platform has reference guides and website templates.
  • Rev: Become a freelance transcriptionist without needing any special equipment. You can claim audio and video transcription projects from multiple clients and receive a single weekly payment.

10. Donate Plasma

Donating plasma takes approximately one hour per donation, and you can donate several times per month. It’s worth noting that you must make two donations to receive payment, as the donation center needs two collections before it’s safe to use for a recipient.

Most plasma donation centers pay via a prepaid debit card. Your pay potential depends on your body weight and if there are any bonus promotions. New donors can earn a signup bonus by completing a minimum number of successful collections during an introductory period.

11. Tutor Students

Tutoring students is a fulfilling way to use your educational and professional background to help students with various academic subjects and entrance exam prep. I began a local tutoring business a few years ago, helping with high school Spanish and English, where I met weekly with students during the academic year.

I also suggest searching for online tutoring jobs, which can be more feasible if you live in a rural area or want to connect with students in a different time zone that suits your schedule. For example, a family friend taught English to overseas students early in the morning while their children were still asleep.

12. Earn Signup Bonuses

There are many apps offering a signup bonus that can help you make easy money and discover a new tool that improves your lifestyle. The offer requirements differ by app as you may need to complete certain activities or make a qualifying deposit before a specific deadline. Several are instant when you complete your profile.

Get-paid-to (GPT) sites, shopping apps, and investing apps are more likely to offer bonus points or cash. After reviewing the offer requirements, minimum redemptions, and platform fees, I periodically sign up for new apps.

In addition to the one-time bonus, GPT sites like to offer periodic bonuses. One of my favorites is Swagbucks, which offers extra points when completing certain activities like surveys and shopping offers. I also wait to buy gift cards when they offer up to $5 bonus cash.

13. Answer Surveys

I have been completing short surveys for over 20 years. Many survey apps require less than 20 minutes per study, although I periodically attempt studies that extend up to one hour when the payout is worth the extra time commitment. Common study topics include shopping habits, brand opinions, and content viewing habits.

Most platforms allow you to answer several surveys each day, which helps you cash out sooner. Anticipate earning up to $1 per survey and a minimum redemption of $5 for free gift cards or PayPal Cash.

Some platforms focus exclusively on surveys. These days, I like using micro-task platforms that provide multiple ways to make money, including shopping offers and watching videos as you have more variety.

14. Play Games

Gaming is a popular hobby for many, and there are multiple ways to make money playing games on phones, computers, and consoles. You can be one of the first to try new mobile games and receive payment after achieving in-game accomplishments such as leveling up within a certain number of days.

Action, adventure, casino, and puzzle games are the most frequent options. Most offers have payout tiers where you earn a partial reward after reaching a certain level. You may also need to complete in-game purchases to earn the full payout.

Some platforms may also pay you for each qualifying minute of playtime each day. Anticipate gift card and PayPal Cash rewards. The minimum redemption is usually $5.

15. Deposit Spare Change

This idea doesn’t require any selling or side hustling as you simply collect your spare change and convert it into cash. Free coin-counting machines are available at many banks and credit unions, although you usually need to be a banking customer to avoid the fees. Further, it’s possible to avoid the Coinstar fees by opting for gift cards instead of cash payouts.

Consider this option if you enjoy paying with cash for your purchases. It’s also worth considering while cleaning your home or a loved one’s, and you find a change bucket or coin jar.

Depending on the age of your coins, you may have silver dollars with a mint date of 1964 or earlier as they contain up to 90% silver. This currency is worth more than face value and you can take these collectibles to a coin shop for instant payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several questions that you can ask to estimate how much money you can make in one hour.

How can I make $30 an hour?

Delivery apps can earn up to $30 an hour when you choose short routes and receive customer tips. Freelancing, handyman tasks, and other odd jobs can reach this income goal, although you may need special skills and equipment to accept paid assignments.

How can I make $50 an hour?

Testing websites can help you earn up to $50 an hour, especially as you build experience and receive invites for live testing.

How much is $100 a day hourly?

Consulting, photography, and other high-income skills can earn as much as $100 an hour. This income potential is usually for experienced freelancers and is a worthy goal to work towards. You can find these opportunities through personal networking and online job platforms.


As your free time permits, you can pursue several of these money-making ideas that can take an hour or less. Many are online-based, making it convenient to compare the income potential and work from anywhere.

Consequently, local side hustles can pay more if you can be physically active and have reliable transportation.

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