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Olly Meakings First 100 Users Sold 10k.png

His Simple Directory Website Sold For $10,000

Olly Meakings

  • Olly Meakings

  • Founder of First 100 Users
  • Published June 24, 2024 by Fardeen Khan
  • Reviewed and edited by Niall Doherty

Check out First 100 Users, a directory of marketing ideas for software founders to get their first 100 users 👍

For example…

Looks nice, but nothing fancy.

The person behind the site, Olly Meakings, recently tweeted

I sold my side project for $10,000! ✨🎉

Olly is also the marketing co-founder of Senja, a testimonial collection app.

💬 He adds…

First 100 Users was an early lead magnet for me

It grew in scope and eventually won Product of the Day on ProductHunt

It went from a basic @NotionHQ table → @softr_io + @airtable website with over 100 marketing ideas + 100s of tools listed

Olly first launched it on ProductHunt back in March 2022 🚀

But recently he’s been busy working on Senja, so he put First 100 Users up for sale…

Here’s the timeline:

✨ Posted for sale on Twitter 17/06
✨ Received 5 serious DMs including one offer at $7k
✨ Shared tweet about $7k offer
✨ Buyer DMd 18/06
✨ Negotiated over DMs for about 60 mins
✨ Sent Paypal payment link
✨ Payment received: sold!

Pretty good outcome.

The site served its purpose for Olly, likely landing him some users for Senja and now a $10K payday 💰

I’m thinking someone could create a bunch of other sites like this…

  • First 100 YouTube Subscribers
  • First 100 Instagram Followers
  • First 100 Newsletter Subscribers
  • Etc.

Research the big successes and document how they got their first subs/followers.

Like Olly, this could serve as a lead magnet for your business.

And you might end up with a nice payday from it, too 🤑