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Boost Website Page Speed in Minutes With WP Engine

In today’s digital landscape, speed reigns supreme. Your website’s ability to load quickly at all times, even (or especially) when handling high traffic, can make or break your digital success.

However, optimizing for speed can be an ongoing challenge. Because it’s a multifaceted process, it often requires the implementation of multiple solutions, which in turn can create unnecessary complexity and added plugin bloat.

Nevertheless, page speed remains critical for achieving your website goals, whether you’re trying to achieve higher search engine rankings, boost conversions, or drive more purchases.

It’s why you work hard to optimize your website(s), and it’s why we’ve been laser-focused on Page Speed Boost, an addition to our platform that allows you to optimize your code, boost your PageSpeed scores, and supercharge your SEO in minutes, all without any technical expertise.

Want to find out more? You can speak with a representative now for answers to your questions, or keep reading to learn how Page Speed Boost can unlock your best PageSpeed scores yet!

Faster page speed = better page experience

In 2020, Google introduced a set of “page experience signals” to help site owners assess and improve the performance and usability of their digital properties. Among these different metrics, which can be measured through Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse tools, were three “Core Web Vitals,” which became a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm in 2021:

In March 2024, Google replaced FID with Interaction to Next Paint (INP), maintaining a foundational set of three Core Web Vitals. Together with other PageSpeed scores, these metrics have reshaped the digital landscape, due in large part to their effect on search engine rankings.

But beyond the implications for SEO, a deeper focus on Core Web Vitals has also helped website owners and developers refocus on the page experience they provide site visitors. This higher awareness of once-obscure metrics has been a net positive, as it’s elevated the way we think about quality digital experiences.

The problem? Most sites have subpar page speed

Unfortunately, the current state of WordPress websites in terms of Core Web Vitals and page speed performance leaves much to be desired. Shockingly, over 60% of sites fall below the threshold when it comes to “good” Core Web Vitals. This means a substantial portion of websites are grappling with higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates, not to mention a poor user experience for a high percentage of site visitors.

Why do so many sites suffer from poor PageSpeed scores? The answer lies in the complexity of maximizing these scores, which involves adhering to more than a hundred code-specific recommendations from Google. To achieve this, you’d need a highly experienced developer working tirelessly to optimize and maintain your site. That is, until now.

Meet Page Speed Boost: The simplest way to maximize your PageSpeed scores

There’s a more straightforward solution for unlocking faster page speed and a better user experience. Enter Page Speed Boost—an innovative feature powered by NitroPack OneClick that’s designed to optimize your PageSpeed scores within minutes, without requiring technical expertise!

Here are some of the key benefits you can expect to see after enabling Page Speed Boost on your site(s):

  • Lightning-fast load times: See PageSpeed scores skyrocket by as much as 60%, delivering crucial improvements to the metrics Core Web Vitals measure while improving your user’s “real feel” experience on the page.
  • Better SEO juice: Improved PageSpeed scores translate into enhanced SEO, leading to higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Faster-loading pages naturally attract more attention from search engines.
  • Improvements across desktop and mobile: Clean site code and optimized images create a lighter digital experience, catering to users across different devices while ensuring an improved user experience for all.

The magic behind Page Speed Boost

What’s the technical wizardry behind Page Speed Boost? This feature optimizes various elements of your website, including images, scripts, and frontend code like HTML, JS, and CSS, to boost loading speed and enhance Core Web Vitals metrics.

In fact, Page Speed Boost offers more than 30 automated site enhancements to boost SEO, page speed, and user experience. Using a single source for optimizations reduces potential conflicts and breakages with the traditional piecemeal approach. It also allows you to reduce the number of plugins on your site—another culprit of sluggish performance.

Full-stack, 360-degree image optimization ensures images load quickly on all devices. Automatic code improvements streamline cluttered code for better Core Web vitals metrics. Intelligent page loading prioritizes the most important scripts, allowing users to interact with the site as quickly as possible.

What else sets Page Speed Boost apart from other options in the market? A simplified interface in the WP Engine portal reduces the need for constant tweaks and deep technical knowledge—it’s a one-click activation, and you’re done. If you’re a marketer without technical skills or a developer managing many sites, Page Speed Boost is the simplest way to ensure your site is performing at its best.

Real-life results

The impact of this technology is already speaking volumes across our customer base. Customers who have embraced Page Speed Boost routinely see their page speed metrics improve across both Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix.

All types of websites will benefit from Page Speed Boost’s performance enhancements.

Virtual Window, a WP Engine Agency Partner, saw performance skyrocket after enabling Page Speed Boost on one of its client’s sites. Vida Fitness, a premier fitness club with locations throughout Washington, D.C., and Virginia, saw its GTmetrix scores jump from a 66% performance score to 99% after Page Speed Boost was enabled on its website.

Furthermore, other metrics, such as Largest Contentful Paint, dropped by more than 50%, plummeting from 881ms to 407ms and Total Blocking Time dropped by nearly 95%, from 487ms to 26ms.

In short, Page Speed Boost has already proven to be a game-changer. The remarkable performance enhancements it delivers make it an undeniably powerful tool for enhancing our customers’ websites, promising a faster and more engaging user experience.

Superior speed, effortless implementation

Simplicity is at the core of how we’ve imagined Page Speed Boost. Once it’s enabled on your account, all it takes is a single click, and voila—your website is on the path to page speed perfection.

Optimize for full-stack performance with WP Engine Page Speed Boost

Page Speed Boost augments WP Engine’s verified industry-leading server response time, offering you access to proven back-end architecture and a front-end site optimization tool to instantly unlock your best PageSpeed score yet.

Stay tuned for more Page Speed Boost use cases, results, and product updates, as we have even more additions on the roadmap to take your front-end performance to the next level.

We look forward to helping you on your site optimization journey. Learn more about Page Speed Boost here, and see why more businesses choose WordPress and WP Engine for a faster, more successful online presence.

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