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The 10 Best WooCommerce Themes For Your Online Store

Do you Woo?

If you’ve ever dabbled in e-commerce, then you know that WooCommerce is one of the best platforms for creating an online shop.

This open-source WordPress plugin is easy to install and super flexible. It’s great for beginners, and powerful enough for website owners who want full control.

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Many developers now offer specialized WooCommerce themes, allowing you to set up a professional storefront in minutes and easily customize it. If you’re thinking about building an online store, these templates can save a lot of time.

Not sure which one to choose? With some expert insights from top developers, we’ve identified 10 WooCommerce themes that will increase your traffic and drum up more sales.

The 10 Best WooCommerce Themes You Can Get Today

With the e-commerce industry projected to generate a staggering $6.3 trillion worldwide this year, now is a great time to get your online shop up and running. Perhaps the easiest way to achieve this is by setting up a WordPress site, installing WooCommerce, and grabbing a great theme.

Here are 10 WooCommerce themes we recommend for your e-commerce store:

1. Neve

Over time, more and more websites are built using page builders. Elementor alone can be found on 14% of WordPress sites. It’s easy to see why — these plugins allow you to create the perfect design without writing any custom CSS.

Neve WooCommerce theme showing a sample page with jewellery products and buttons to "Add to cart."

Neve is a lightweight, modern theme made for drag-and-drop editing. It offers impressive integrations with popular page builders like Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, and Thrive Architect— so you can choose your favorite tool and get to work!

Just as importantly, Neve has a very close relationship with WooCommerce.

The pro version of this theme offers quick-view pop-ups, floating mini carts, product sliders, and multiple catalog layouts. Off-canvas sidebar menus help customers find what they’re looking for, and you can maximize conversions by switching up your checkout layout. The list of features matches that of any dedicated WooCommerce theme.

The beauty of Neve is that you don’t need a page builder to use it. The theme provides plenty of design options, from alternative blog layouts and custom header designs to typography and theme colors. You also have over 100 starter templates to choose from.

Under the hood, the code is super clean. This theme hits 100% on Google PageSpeed, and it weighs only 28KB on a default WordPress install.

No wonder Neve has been installed on over 30,000 sites to date.

Key features:

  • Works with multiple drag-and-drop builders.
  • Deep integration with WooCommerce.
  • Good speed optimization.

Price: Freemium; WooCommerce features require a premium license starting at $69/year.

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2. Make

Not yet fluent in code? That’s not a problem with Make, a highly customizable theme that’s user-friendly for website owners of all technical abilities.

Make's WooCommerce theme with its tagline overlain on a photograph and a top menu with buttons including My Account, etc.Make's WooCommerce theme with its tagline overlain on a photograph and a top menu with buttons including My Account, etc.

“E-commerce is super easy with Make,” says Scott Rollo, a designer from The Theme Foundry. “We don’t just support popular e-commerce plugins, we’ve actually designed fully integrated WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads builder sections. Make users just install their favorite plugin, and a new e-commerce section appears which they can tweak and drag and drop into place.”

Convenient, right? Better still, Make comes pre-installed for DreamPress customers. Score!

Make’s ease of use allows even beginners to create and maintain an attractive online store. And you can count on the quality of this theme — After all, it’s been refined more than 5,000 times.

“Make is different from a lot of ‘page builders’ out there,” says Rollo. “It’s completely free and open source. And we’ve seen nearly 800,000 makers start their business sites with it.”

It’s an impressive record, built on some excellent work behind the scenes. “We like to think that’s because we make a point of writing rock-solid code that lives up to the high expectations of the WordPress community,” says Rollo. “We don’t use shortcodes, and we keep the design of Make as close to WordPress’ core styles as possible. We really want Make users to feel right at home from the get-go.”

Along with being easy to use, Make is mobile-friendly. The theme features a responsive design, with a grid-based structure that renders perfectly on all screens.

This could be really important for your business.

Mobile e-commerce generated $2.2 trillion in 2023, accounting for around 60% of all online sales. Given the importance of smartphone shopping, it’s no surprise that 40% of consumers say they would switch to a competitor if they had a bad experience. In fact, 84% of shoppers say they have struggled to make purchases on their phones.

Choosing a theme like Make can help you avoid the pitfalls and capitalize on rival sites’ shortcomings.

Key features:

  • Very easy to set up.
  • Open source with over 5,000 iterations.
  • Mobile-first design.

Price: Freemium

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3. Flatsome

Branding is super important in e-commerce. Research shows that 62% of consumers factor brand values into their purchase decisions, outweighing discounts (26%) considerably.

If you want your online brand to attract customers, it’s key to create a visually distinctive store. With a remarkable selection of customization options, Flatsome is a premium WooCommerce theme that helps you achieve the perfect look.

Flatsome WooCommerce theme with a sample page of an apparel e-commerce store advertising a 70% off sale.Flatsome WooCommerce theme with a sample page of an apparel e-commerce store advertising a 70% off sale.

From the extensive theme options panel to the header builder tool, this theme allows WooCommerce store owners to tweak every part of their site.

For site owners who want to get creative, Flatsome offers a raft of elegant e-commerce design elements. For instance, you can choose from various product gallery styles, set up a mini shopping cart so customers can see what they’re buying, and work with section dividers in multiple shapes.

All of these shop elements can be added and rearranged using UX Builder — a front-end page builder made by UX Themes, the team behind Flatsome.

If that sounds like too much work, take heart. There’s a low-effort route — Flatsome comes with a library of over 300 custom layouts, covering a range of different store styles.

Even with all these features, Flatsome is a very lightweight theme. It hits 98/100 on Google PageSpeed, meaning visitors shouldn’t have to wait long to shop. That’s big news, considering that e-commerce conversion rates drop by up to 4.42% with every extra second of loading time.

When you add up the benefits, it’s easy to see why Flatsome lays claim to the title of best-selling WooCommerce theme on ThemeForest.

Key features:

  • Proprietary page builder tool.
  • Over 300 layout templates.
  • Excellent performance.

Price: $59 one-time payment, including free lifetime updates.

4. Astra

Here’s a secret: you don’t actually need a dedicated WooCommerce design to set up a slick online store. The e-commerce plugin works just fine with most multipurpose themes.

Astra is one of our favorite themes in this category. It’s as fast as Usain Bolt on a Harley Davidson, versatile enough to handle pretty much any website build, and is fully compatible with WooCommerce. Plus, the base version is completely free.

Astra WooCommerce theme showing a digital storefront for an apparel brand with sale offer overlain on a photo.Astra WooCommerce theme showing a digital storefront for an apparel brand with sale offer overlain on a photo.

Astra was designed to be used with popular page builders, like Beaver Builder and Elementor. As such, the base template is very clean and simple. With a brand new WordPress site, the theme will load in just 0.5 seconds.

That said, you have plenty of theme customization options to play with. You don’t need to mess with any code to choose custom colors and fonts. With the premium version of the theme, Astra Pro, you can also unlock multiple header and footer layouts, extended gallery options, and one-step checkouts.

For aspiring store owners on a time budget, Astra also provides a vast library of starter site templates. With a couple of clicks, you can install a complete layout that suits your style.

The pedigree of this theme is important, too. Astra was made by Brainstorm Force, a team of developers who’ve been creating popular WordPress plugins since 2009.

The company built Astra back in 2017 to solve their own problems, and it shows. Thanks to that extra TLC, the theme is now being used for 1,200 new websites every day, with over 1.6 million total active installs.

Key features:

  • Very, very lightweight base theme.
  • Great built-in theme options.
  • Deep integration with major page builders.

Price: Freemium

5. Botiga

They say good things come in threes: musketeers, primary colors, Lord of the Rings movies…the list goes on.

The Botiga theme proves no exception to the rule.

This feature-packed WooCommerce template hits the trifecta: blazing performance, extensive customization options, and seamless integration with popular page builders. It’s basically the Swiss Army knife of WordPress themes.

Botiga WooCommerce theme showcasing furniture products under "Shop" with different categories.Botiga WooCommerce theme showcasing furniture products under "Shop" with different categories.

Botiga absolutely excels in terms of speed. We’re talking lightning-fast loading that’ll have customers zipping through your digital aisles with reckless abandon.

But impressive load times are just the opening salvo.

Where Botiga truly flexes its muscles is with its suite of customization controls that put you squarely in the driver’s seat of your e-commerce empire.

We particularly like the variety of product card styles and checkout designs, but you can also fiddle with fonts, shuffle between custom layouts, and use the built-in header and footer builders. All these options are neatly organized within the theme options panel.

And for website owners who are hungry for control, there’s more. Botiga plays nicely with page builders like Elementor and the WordPress Block Editor, making it easy to whip up an e-commerce masterpiece.

The free version of Botiga includes all of the above. Purchase a premium license, and you can unlock wishlists, color swatches, size charts, and many other useful features that shoppers will love.

Key features:

  • Impressive performance (loads in <0.5 seconds).
  • Endless customization options.
  • Works well with Elementor.

Price: Freemium

6. Woostroid

You can have too much of a good thing — like chocolate, or Netflix. However, in the business of e-commerce, having too many sales-boosting features is never a bad thing.

And that’s what you get with Woostroid, a WooCommerce-friendly template from Template Monster. Now in version two, this theme is adaptable, simple, and paired with 24/7 user support. “It is easy to use, even as a beginner,” says Max Deep of Jetimpex. “Almost anyone will be able to add content and create different page layouts with the intuitive drag-and-drop page builder.”

Woostroid 2 WooCommerce theme with product offers for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Apple Watch, and a search bar for navigationWoostroid 2 WooCommerce theme with product offers for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Apple Watch, and a search bar for navigation

And that’s not all.

“The Woostroid template comes SEO optimized, providing smooth promotion for online store and business websites,” says Deep. “And considerable attention is given to user experience. Our team equipped Woostroid with a classy design, and flexible appearance settings, to give the users the true power of choice.”

This mix of features means you can put your best foot forward to potential customers.

“A website is a kind of calling card that represents its owner,” says Deep. “And in our case, the owner has all the means to make his or her online store stand out from the others and attract tons of attention. One of the most important factors in choosing a template is its wide functionality, as well as its efficiency. All these features can be found in Woostroid.”

Key features:

  • Easy setup with drag-and-drop.
  • SEO-optimized for visibility.
  • Flexible and sophisticated design.

Price: One-time fee of $84.

7. Avalon

From boutique WordPress theme development firm Anariel Design comes the WooCommerce block theme Avalon.

Something we appreciate about Avalon is that it prioritizes accessibility for folks who may not have tons of time or tech savvy — all without skimping on power or customizability.

Screenshot of Avalon themeScreenshot of Avalon theme

We say that because of how easy its builders have made it to start working with Avalon. A built-in import wizard means you can add the entire demo right to your site in a few clicks, content, layouts, and all.

Once you’re up and running with Avalon, you’ll be able to take advantage of lots of other features. Of course, there’s nearly endless flexibility in the colors, button design, type choices, and every other element of the overall look. Accessibility and translatability are core to the theme’s design, so you don’t ever have to worry about alienating any part of your audience. On top of that, Avalon was created with mobile users in mind, making it highly responsive no matter what kind of device your target consumer is using.

Bloat-busting design means you can also expect quick performance. If anything does go wrong, Anariel Design is equipped with tons of documentation for each theme, along with helpful videos, answers to their most common FAQs, and a support system that promises an answer within 24 hours during the business week.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-import demo template.
  • Robust documentation and support (especially for a small agency).
  • Unique focus on accessibility and translation.

Price: $79/year subscription or a one-time purchase of $179.

8. Woostify

Imagine heading to your local hardware store with a list in hand.

The items you need are spread throughout the store. Unfortunately, the lack of signage makes it really hard to navigate. You wander around for 15 minutes, searching for your items in vain. It’s a frustrating experience, and likely to make you think twice about returning.

The same principle applies to your website. A whopping 88% of shoppers are less likely to visit after a bad user experience, and mobile users are 62% less likely to make a future purchase.If you want to avoid these pitfalls, Woostify might be the right theme for your store.

Woostify webpage showing live examples of three websites built using the WooCommerce theme.Woostify webpage showing live examples of three websites built using the WooCommerce theme.

This lightweight theme is built for performance, boasting impressive load times and minimal resource usage. That means your customers won’t be left drumming their fingers while your pages load.

But don’t let the trimmed-down footprint fool you. Woostify hasn’t achieved its slender physique by skimping on gym time. Beneath that minimalist exterior, this e-commerce theme has plenty of power.

As a store owner, you can choose from multiple product page styles, listing layouts, and checkout workflows. You can also configure different cart layouts, set up video galleries, and use the live theme customizer to select color options. All of these features are included in the free theme.

The premium version of Woostify provides plenty more: mega menus, smart product filters, Elementor integration, cross-selling, custom widgets, and more. If you don’t fancy setting up these features yourself, you can just use one of the provided starter sites instead.

To top it off, Woostify is ready to go global. The theme supports translations and RTL scripts, so you can create a welcoming site for customers around the globe.

Key features:

  • Modern design for excellent user experience.
  • Almost endless e-commerce features.
  • Supports translations for worldwide selling.

Price: Freemium

9. Divi

No list of WordPress themes would be complete without mentioning Divi.

Used on 3.8 million sites, this highly flexible theme set the scene for the page builders we see today. It truly is the granddaddy of drag-and-drop templates.

As you might expect, the modern version of Divi offers plenty of customization options. The live front-end editor allows you to tweak every aspect of your site, and see the changes in real-time. That includes spacing, animations, image effects, and much more.

The same kind of granular control extends to WooCommerce setups. Divi offers tight integration, with hundreds of design elements to play with.

Divi WooCommerce theme showing "Camera Product Shop" with items and their prices like cutting board, simple vase, etc.Divi WooCommerce theme showing "Camera Product Shop" with items and their prices like cutting board, simple vase, etc.

You can also add extra functionality through modules. These add-ons allow you to introduce product listings, cart pages, checkout processes, and more. You can drag and drop these modules into place to build your store piece by piece, or use Divi’s pre-built layouts and templates as a starting point.

Beyond the design of your store, Divi offers some great tools for sellers. The theme comes with built-in marketing and lead generation features, such as split testing, conditional display, email list building, and social sharing integrations.

All this bulk means you might sacrifice a little speed. But much like a monster truck, this theme could help you flatten the competition.

Key features:

  • Powerful visual editor with hundreds of elements.
  • Live editor for styling.
  • Built-in marketing and lead gen tools.

Price: $89/year

10. Porto

When you’re just starting out, keeping things simple makes sense. But for established sellers, it’s worth choosing a theme that’s loaded with useful features. This means you can scale your store using the tools already baked into your chosen template, rather than relying on plugins.

That is what you can expect from Porto, one of the top-selling WooCommerce themes on ThemeForest.

Porto's sample blue and yellow themed webpage with options to shop for furniture, gadgets, drills, etc.Porto's sample blue and yellow themed webpage with options to shop for furniture, gadgets, drills, etc.

This premium theme is loaded with a mind-boggling array of features, covering both the basic design of your site and other e-commerce aspects.

The foundation of Porto is the WPBakery page builder and is also compatible with Elementor, which offers powerful drag-and-drop editing. This tool comes with a huge selection of elements, from social media icons to image carousels.

As you construct your site, you have the option to start from scratch or install one of the many pre-built demos. The latter option is particularly useful if your store fits one of the starter sites, which include fashion clothing stores, jewelry brands, and gadget stores.

Phew, that’s a lot of features. And we haven’t even talked about WooCommerce yet!

Porto offers tight integration with our favorite e-commerce plugin. You can adjust pretty much every aspect of the shopping experience, from how product details are presented to shipment tracking. Live product search is a standout option here, allowing your customers to find exactly what they want.

It’s also cool to see artificial intelligence in a WordPress theme. Porto can now generate SEO-optimized content for you, which should help you to start selling faster.

Porto's AI Generator feature under Theme Options with a field to "Input API Key" and a ChatGPT integration.Porto's AI Generator feature under Theme Options with a field to "Input API Key" and a ChatGPT integration.

The downside of all this functionality is extra complexity behind the scenes. Thankfully, we’re glad to note that Porto comes with extensive theme documentation and good technical support.

While it might take a while to understand this theme, it should provide a return on your time investment in the long run.

Key features:

  • Vast array of customization options.
  • Strong WooCommerce integrations.
  • Extensive theme documentation.

Price: $59 one-time payment, including updates.

Choosing The Right WooCommerce Theme For Your Store

All of the themes mentioned above are capable of powering a successful online store. The question is, which one is right for your e-commerce project?

Here are the key factors to think about when making your final decision:

  • Your niche: Think about the main audience you are targeting with your online store. Are you selling physical products or digital products? Will you need features like product filters, wishlists, or pre-orders? Some themes cater better to certain types of stores.
  • Design and branding: Customization options are crucial for creating a site that resonates with your audience. Consider the style, layout options, color schemes, and whether the template feels like a good fit.
  • Performance: Site speed and mobile optimization are essential for delivering a good user experience. Look for lightweight, fast-loading themes with responsive designs that work well on any device.
  • Ease of use: If you’re not technically inclined, look for a user-friendly theme that has a drag-and-drop editor or simple theme options. With freemium themes, you can install the free version to test the backend yourself.
  • Features: Make a list of must-have features like product galleries, mini-carts, custom checkouts, and page builders. Ensure your chosen theme has those capabilities covered, or you can add them via plugins.
  • Support: Reliable support and regular updates are vital for keeping your site working properly. Check each theme’s ratings and documentation, along with reviews of the developer.
  • Cost: Finally, consider your budget. Many great free themes exist, but premium themes often unlock more advanced features. This can be a worthwhile investment in the longer term.

With these principles in mind, here’s a recap of the top WooCommerce themes mentioned in our guide:

Theme Price Pros Cons Best For
Neve Freemium Works with multiple page builders, deep WooCommerce integration, fast WooCommerce features require a premium license Site owners who prefer page builders and want extensive e-commerce functionality
Make Freemium Highly customizable, easy to use, open source May require more technical knowledge for advanced customization Beginners and sellers who value flexibility
Flatsome $59 Extensive customization, pre-built layouts, excellent performance Can be overwhelming for beginners Store owners that want a unique, optimized design
Astra Freemium Lightweight, fast, compatible with page builders Free version may lack some advanced features Sellers that want speed and integration with page builders
Avalon $79/year or $179 Helpful beginner template, support, prioritizes accessibility Beginner focus means deeper functionality/customization may lack Time or skill-crunched sellers who want to get up and running ASAP
Woostroid $84 Feature-rich, 24/7 support, SEO-optimized Can be complex to set up for beginners Sellers that want a wide range of features and excellent support
Botiga Freemium Blazing fast, customizable, integrates with page builders Some advanced features require a premium license Store owners that need performance and flexibility
Woostify Freemium Excellent user experience, endless features, translation support Free version has limited features Stores focused on user experience and international sales
Divi $89/yr Powerful visual editor, live styling, built-in marketing, and lead gen tools May sacrifice some speed due to complexity Sellers who want design flexibility and help with selling
Porto $59 Extensive features, page builder included, many demos Can be complex to navigate and customize Experienced sellers needing a wide range of features

Ready To Woo?

Whether you’re new to the e-commerce game or just setting up yet another store, WooCommerce provides a great foundation.

Part of the appeal is the range of Woo-optimized themes available today. Choose wisely, and you should have everything you need to deliver a great online shopping experience.

Just remember that even the best themes rely on solid hosting. If you’re looking for a reliable home for your online business, DreamHost can help.

Our dedicated WordPress hosting plans make it child’s play to set up and maintain your store, with servers that are optimized for speed. You also get one-click staging, powerful caching, managed updates, and 24/7 expert support. Sign up today to see how easy it can be to build a thriving online storefront!

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Jos Velasco is a WordPress Professional Consultant at DreamHost. His responsibilities include helping with advanced WordPress cases, creating training material, and identifying trends impacting the WordPress community. In his free time, he enjoys climbing mountains, eating healthy, and watching drama movies. Follow Jos on LinkedIn:

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