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Reflections on WordCamp Montclair 2024

WordCamp Montclair 2024 was an event to remember, filled with insightful sessions, vibrant community interactions, and a shared passion for all things WordPress. 

As an attendee and a speaker, I had the unique opportunity to engage with the community from two distinct perspectives. Here’s a recap of my experience.

The attendee experience

Walking into WordCamp Montclair as an attendee was like stepping into a melting pot of innovation and camaraderie. The energy was palpable, with developers, designers, content creators, and enthusiasts all gathered under one roof, united by our love for WordPress.

The School of Communications and Media at Montclair State University. Source:

Montclair State University hosted the WordCamp within its School of Communications and Media building, which afforded a spacious venue and a handful of media students to support multimedia needs, including a live stream for the main auditorium.

WordCamp Montclair 2024 Wapuu

Sessions and workshops

The sessions were a treasure trove of knowledge. I attended several that left a lasting impression:

Where to find how to do something: Navigating Learn WordPress

Laura Adamonis owns and operates Add a Little Digital Services and is a Make Training Team representative. She shared with folks the means to learn all things WordPress. She provided a walkthrough of the site and its Tutorials, Lesson Plans, Courses, and Workshops. All of this is free and open to everyone to learn and share (with attribution).

Introduction to Unit Tests

WebDevStudio’s very own Sal Ferrarello is a former math teacher and now a WordPress Developer. He educated us all on the value of Pure Functions—The Secret to Writing Easily Testable Code and his love of palindromes, which weaved a compelling story for his presentation.

Leading a technical team

Have you ever taken the Myers & Briggs personality test? Jerry Vasquez sorted folks into color-coded quadrants based on specific traits and offered a highly engaging talk on leadership and communicating within and alongside a team.

Keeping the web open with WordPress

The best was undoubtedly the last. A WP Engine colleague, Kim Pater, enlightened the audience with a mix of historical context and critical considerations for keeping the web open. This session highlighted the impact that WordPress has on allowing folks across different borders and censorship to own their data and continue to push the boundaries of democratizing publishing on the web.

The speaker experience

As a speaker, I had the honor of presenting on a topic about which I’m deeply passionate: the Interactivity API. My “Unlocking the Potential of the Interactivity API” session aimed to provide an overview, tips for getting started, and practical examples.

Post-talk interactions

One of the most rewarding aspects of speaking was the post-talk interactions. Attendees approached me with thoughtful questions, sparking discussions beyond the session. It was a reminder of the collaborative spirit that defines WordCamp events.


WordCamp Montclair 2024 was an enriching experience that reinforced my appreciation for the WordPress community. Whether as an attendee or a speaker, the event provided countless opportunities to learn, share, and grow. I look forward to the next WordCamp and reconnecting with this incredible community.

Thank you to everyone who made WordCamp Montclair 2024 a success. See you at the next one!

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